Create a switcher for change site language

Hello there!

I am building a multilingual site, where can be possible switch between languages, all was fine until i face the CMS template pages, than if i try to change the CMS content referred to some language, it is the same for both language versions. So, i was wondering how can I build a different CMS templates for a different languages, considering that the process of create a new folder, with duplicates of the static pages apparently doesn’t work for CMS templates, that was what i did for the other pages.

I already know about the location feature for show a different version depending the user system language (it works like that?) But, something that i am unsure i can have with location is the possibility of switch between languages.

So, it is a option for create a CMS template for each language?, or, in other way, location site can resolve this issue and allow me to switch between languages?

I will add an screen shoot for better understanding for what i mean by “switch between languages”

Also i will add the public share link here:

Thank you in advance!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Roberto,

It looks like you’re trying to use Webflow localization, but you only have one locale. I think you’re trying to make Spanish the default language, and English an alt language?

  • Add English as a locale
  • Add a locale switcher to make switching easier
  • Translate your static pages, CMS items and collection pages.