Country not found in country list for business address

I’ve recently upgraded to webflow E commerce , and once I started setting up my business address ETC I could not find my country in the list.

Does that mean that webflow e-commerce is not available in my country ? =(

Hi @Madina,

Could you let us know what country you are in please? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh yes sorry
It’s Lebanon

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Thank you.

Unfortunately it’s down to Stripe and PayPal not allowing merchants in Lebanon, so Ecommerce and Client Billing are not available right now. :sob:

Featured Paypal snippet from the web

PayPal unfortunately does not allow individuals from Lebanon to use their service as the country is not listed on the permitted countries list. Accessing PayPal from within Lebanon is a breach of their user agreement, making it illegal.

If their policies change then we can update the list accordingly. :crossed_fingers:

So no other payment gateways can be used on Webflow?

2checkout, PayTabs ?

Not right now unfortunately. There are other cart solutions that exists for alternate payment methods than can be used with Webflow, FoxyCart @foxy is one of them. You are able to connect these up to CMS items. Here’s an example built with Webflow and Foxy

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Hi @Madina.
Josh with Foxy here. I think we may have already chatted, but please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance.


Is this true to all countries not on the list? I am from Israel which isn’t on the list either - but we do have paypal in Israel. Does this effect other payment options?
If I have a payment link to a third party banking/ paying platform will it work?
I do have an address in the US but want to make sure people will be able to pay in Israel as well.