My country is not on billing list for E-commerce what does that actually mean

I am from Israel and after designing my Ecommerce website, I found out Israel is not on the list of country’s that accept PayPal/stripe.
What does that actually mean? If I do have an address in the USA can customers from Israel still purchase on my site?
or alternatively, can I provide other payment options that do work in Israel?

would appreciate any help,
Thank you

If you live in the states and register the payment gateway there I don’t see why people from Israel would not be able to purchase.

It’s just the registration of the payment gateway that has to be in a accepted country.

So you should not have to worry about this.


Thank you for your response!
Does it have to be linked to a bank account in the US for it to work? does anyone know?
as in does the US address have any significance other than a technicality ?