Webflow e-commerce support country list

I have a specific question. Does webflow e-commerce already support for Indonesia?
If it’s not. Is it any other 3rd party that can be integrated with webflow e-commerce?
Or maybe you have any platform suggestions besides webflow?


Webflow’s eCommerce uses Stripe & Paypal as payment providers.
Strip - https://stripe.com/global
Paypal is a bit more tricky since it supports in lot’s of countries but the API Webflow uses is not -
Country and region codes

You can integrate almost ANY 3rd party eCommerce platform to Webflow (there are literally dozens of them out there), the downside is that you will not have the full customisation/design/editing capabilities you have like you have in Webflow. eg. products will be part of the eCommerce platform and not Webflow.

That said, I know @foxy offers a solution that works with Webflow’s CMS (although it is quite complex to create and Foxy.io’s UI is bad)

Josh from Foxy here. To confirm, for most uses cases, integrating Foxy with Webflow CMS (or no CMS) is pretty straightforward. Just depends on your needs and we’ll walk you through every step.

@avivtech is right. Our current backend is ugly, but that will hopefully change this year with our new backend. Also, products are 100% managed in Webflow, and with our email notifications, Zapier integration, webhooks, and API, you don’t have to login to Foxy except for the initial setup.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help with anything at all.



Thanks, @avivtech fo your answer.

I’ve checked Stripe and Paypal. Stripe hasn’t support yet in my country. and the Paypal commerce feature also doesn’t available.

Do you mean that if we use 3rd party e-commerce, the product will available on the platform, not the webflow e-commerce, Right? So, we are no longer need to use webflow e-commerce? Or I get the wrong perception?

Thank you also for suggesting me to check foxy.io, I should to try it

Hi Josh from @foxy . Thanks for respond my question

I’ve searched on youtube some tutorials on how to use foxy. I feel like I have to try it first

Yes, you got this right.

Ah okay got it.

Big Thanks @avivtech

Feel free to send us an email with details on your specific needs and your Webflow Read-only Link and we’ll walk you through each step. hello@foxy.io


Hi @foxy,

Fellow Indonesian here, im not sure if Mr. Abdur Rahman faces the same issue as I did.

  1. I plan to use foxy.io and use an Adyen payment gateway as it seems it is supported, but i would want to check with foxy if that is true.

  2. I have a problem when i was editing my product on my cms page and i could not price the product for more than 1 Million IDR, I have confirmed with webflow that this has to do with stripe character limit. I wasnt planning on using stripe, so if i used foxy instead could i display my prices properly (note: most of my product prices would be under 10 million Indonesian Rupiah or IDR)

Thank you in advance,


Hi @Aries_Setiawan.
Thank you for getting in touch. Yes, Foxy integrates with Adyen. For the character limit, I don’t think you’ll hit that issue with Foxy, but I’m not 100% on that. You can sign up for free and quickly start testing to confirm.

This tutorial will get you pointed in the right direction: Manage multiple products with Webflow CMS | Foxy.io Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you run into any issues: hello@foxy.io


Hi Foxy,

Thanks for the response, i am currently currently trying to set up and test foxy check out on my website.

Now i am not particulary sure if i am doing this correctly but nothing seems to be happening.

First off, i bought the template from webflow marketplace with e-commerce functionality built in, and i was following the documentation from foxy.io on how to add to cart, and it simply cant be added as long as my template already incorporated the e-commerce function.

I tried manually copy and pasting elements, and it actually leads to a lot more problem like header not being able to be pasted over, interactions not working, font not displaying properly and so on.

Is there any simple way to add foxy.io to a template with webflow e-commerce already built in?

Hi @Aries_Setiawan.
Foxy can be integrated with any Webflow template. Our recommendation is to use CMS: Manage multiple products with Webflow CMS | Foxy.io It’s generally just a matter of disconnected elements from Ecommerce data, copying them to your CMS template, and then connecting to CMS data (this is normal Webflow functionality, nothing specific to Foxy).

Mind emailing us your Webflow Read-only Link: hello@foxy.io and we’ll take a look.