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Could I replicate this Wordpress Theme with webflow?

Hi All
I’m considering moving over to Webflow but before I do I would like to know if I would be able to achieve a certain specific thing before I do.

I would like to replicate this WordPress theme that I purchased previously and use now

The problem is the theme isn’t very customizable and I need more features than it currently offers.

The main element I would like to replicate is where you scroll down and the image comes into full view of the screen on the portfolio items and blog pieces. Is this achievable with Webflow? Or should I look elsewhere?


The gallery on the preview you posted there can be done in Webflow. Webflow offers all sorts of custom scrolling effects - you can achieve fully custom websites/solutions.

I’d recommend looking through the Webflow University and the Showcase to fully understand what you would be able to achieve, but the short answer is yes you can do what you’re after.

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Hi thank you for your reply.

It looks very positive! I’ve not much experience with code or animation so wouldn’t really know where to start. I dont want to waste hours trying to get it to work if its not possible so thank you for your reply I really appreciate it!

I’m trying to weigh up the pros and cons for switching to webflow. I’ll try replicating this theme on the free starter package before I commit to anything fully.

We try and build our sites with as little extra code as possible to streamline our process as much as possible - Webflow is a perfect fit.

The interface can be a bit overwhelming to start with for some people as there’s so much config on offer but it’s worth sticking with. Webflow produces really clean, consolidated, static code, which runs a lot faster than any WordPress site we’ve created.

There are always templates to use/learn from if you wanted a head-start.

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