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CORS Problem with custom Domain

Hi all,
I just published my first site and everything is very nicer so far, but we published with a custom domain and I’m getting a critical CORS error from the webflow native jquery file:

Our website:
You have to navigate a little bit sometimes, to get the error, for example in mac chrome or safari iOS.

I can’t find any solutions in the Help-Section nor on the forum. Is this a pretty rare thing?
Have I any impact on that, because it is managed by webflow itself? We don’t even use some custom script :confused:

king regards

Also I tried yesterday to include jquery by myself, that works so far, but the webflow jquery injection triggers anyway and I’m getting again the CORS error.

Hi @major, thanks for your post, I have been trying to reproduce this trouble, but have been unable to do so, see here:

It would be helpful to know the exact things to click on to get the error, if you can help to identify those steps.

One thing that might help is to update your DNS settings to the latest IP records used by Webflow:

Currently in use:

It seems the DNS records setup on the custom domain at the DNS provider where the domain is managed is not yet pointed at the Webflow SSL Hosting servers.

The next step would be to update the DNS records on the domain to point the DNS A Record and CNAME records to point to the correct servers.

The root domain (without www) should have these two A-records:

Type: A
Name: @

Type: A
Name: @

I would change the existing A Records to use the new A Records to see if that helps.

Also, there might be some DNS issue with the nameservers on the domain, I see some problems on the propagation:

That DNS propagation can be checked with the service where you have the domain registered.

After updating and checking the DNS settings, I would recommend to do the following:

  1. Remove both custom domains from the hosting tab of projects settings
  2. Re-add both custom domains to the hosting tab
  3. Set the WWW domain as the default domain
  4. Publish your project

I hope this helps