Bypassing the 10,000 character limit for custom code

Hello everyone,

So I’m adding a feature on a client’s site for a slider that goes past the 10,000 character limit. It;s a pricing slider. I’ve set up the code on Github and used JS Deilvr to host the code. I embed a script in the body to point towards the code however it’s not working for some reason. Can anyone have a look to see if I’m missing something please?

This was the script I added:

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Mojito)

When you embed a script via <script src>, the file you’re referencing need to be just pure JavaScript. Currently you have HTML, e.g. it has a <script>...</script> block.

Micheal is right - also, another thing worth mentioning:

I wouldn’t say this is necessarily a great solution, but it’s quick and easy.

If you have multiple scripts in the same embed, you’ll hit that limit quickly. However, you can create multiple embeds and put one script in each. That way, your limit moves to 10k characters PER script, not total.

So how would I work around that?

You are not giving the link properly. If you open the link on your browser you can see “Failed to fetch version info for licadefreitashansen/mojito.” You need to follow jsdelivr for this type of “” link build-up.

just follow this then give it properly on then it will be solved .