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Correct way to create a grid with an unknown number of grid items


I’m building the framework for a property listing website in Webflow, before giving to the techy guy who will turn it into a Wordpress theme.

Building the page which lists the properties (or posts as they will be), what is the best way to build a responsive grid when the actual number of posts is not known? Flexbox worked quite well, though I was tempted towards the structure offer by the columns in Flexbox, however the big problem here is not being able to manually generate a new row or columns in Wordpress for extra posts when we complete a row say, of four entries.

Many thanks for any help!


oops sorry,

the structure offer by the columns in Flexbox, however

should read

the structure offer by the columns in Weblow, however

You can edit your messages, click on the three dots icon then on the pencil :wink:

Why? This is a pretty standard PHP work of definining a loop to insert WP CMS items.

Ah ok, I’m not a PHP programmer.

I found an easy way to do it with Flexbox.

Me neither :slight_smile:

But in the past I had successfully built PHP loops by myself, with a lot of tries and errors, in WP.

But that’s the past and I don’t ever want to go back :slight_smile:

Haha. I agree. Pay someone else to do it now.

Well i’m getting paid to do front end development using Webflow. And I don’t need a coder nor PHP knowledge, how cool is that? ;-D

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