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Hi community,

I’m pretty new to webflow but also pretty impressed of its power. It seems to be the right tool for some side projects. For this reason there is a single legal related question:

Is the exported code copyright protected by webflow or is it my work?

Can I sell it to clients directly and modified without using webflow cms? (Directly: just setup a static html/css site / modified: e.g. changing it to a wordpress template).

And last but not least: On how many websites can I use the generated code?

Thank you in advanced. Looking forward for you answers.



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Hi @Clemens, thanks for the questions. Let me help to answer your questions:

  1. An exported site is your property and not owned by Webflow. You can do as you wish with sites that you create yourself. If the site is based on a purchased template, you need to abide by the terms of the single use license agreement:

  2. Yes, you can sell the exported site to a client who is not using the CMS, Basic Hosting or who does not have a Webflow account. (again the paid template licenses apply)

  3. If the exported site is one you create, you can use the resulting exported code (html, css, images, js) on as many sites as you want. For paid templates, the single use license applies.

Let me know if you have any further questions !

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