Copy symbol to other project


Is it possible to copy a symbol to an other project?


Do you mean keeping symbols in sync between two projects? No.

As for copying, unlink, copy, paste on aother project, mke it a symbol again. But it’s now not connected anymore to the original symbol on another project.

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Hi Vincent, thank you for your reply.

I created a new project for my portfolio. The homepage is almost done but now I want to add some other pages like a ‘case study’ page. I found online a nice template, so I created a new project. Now I want to copy those to my portfolio project. Is that still possible? Because at this moment I can copy somthing but I can’t past it.

Hello @Rik,

I think this might help you

Hi Pablo,

Thank you for your reply. I already saw this video. But the video is already a year old and they locked the past button.