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Copy & Paste Between Projects

I’m trying to copy from one project to another on a Mac using the standard keyboard shortcuts as per the support documentation and video but I get ‘Couldn’t read native clipboard data’ or ‘The clipboard is empty’.

It’s the same regardless of what browser I use and I have double checked that there are no custom keyboard shortcuts that could be overriding.

Does this feature no longer work or am I missing something?

I would be very grateful for any suggestions!

What happens if you use the contextual menu in the designer and select copy then in the other project use the menu again to select paste?

The paste option is greyed out.

It’s even greyed out if I try to paste it within the same project.

You may be pasting on somewhere not suppose to fit a certain element.

And yes, the paste is grey out, but that does not affect pasting.

  1. Make sure you copied. (Right-click within Designer and Copy)
  2. If you cannot paste with your keyboard, try to use your browser’s menu: Edit > Paste

Thank you. I did think that but I believe I have tried just about every possible place to paste.

It’s also greyed out from the browser’s edit menu.

If everyone else can do it then I must be doing something wrong!

I have the same issue every once in a while. Like right now.

Copy/pasting works and all of a sudden it just stops working and says clipboard empty or Couldn’t read native clipboard data.

There is no difference between my actions when it works and doesn’t work.

Problems like these can take a huge chunk of my time allocated to a certain project.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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