Copy and paste page template into existing site and edit contents


I’m brand new to web flow and trying to use the template below as a new page in my site. I have cloned it to a new site but when I copy and paste it from this site into my existing site it has the error message - for pasting across site we had to unlink components, remove CMS bindings.

I have researched how to unlock the binding so I can replace the info but don’t understand how to use the CMS section. Is there a simple way I can copy the page into my site and then replace all info with my own?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - A&B 2

Hi Connie, if you have an existing site and you’re just trying to import parts of another site, then no. The CMS is separate, so the schema and data do not copy over, just the elements do.

When you paste, they’ll unbind from the old CMS, and you can then bind them to new collections you setup, however you like.

Look at the collections in the template, and the bindings the template designer setup there to learn how it was built and you can use that as a guide for setting up what you want.

Ah I see, thank you!