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I have always noticed the problem that even without an option in webflow to use cookie’s or save cache. Webflow sites tend to use a lot of this. Sometimes to a large amount of trouble for my clients. Making updates to their website and having to wait for days for even their own employee’s browsers to update. IF at all without a manual cache refresh… This is a big problem for me and my clients.

What I noticed is that when I publish a site and try to check it on the (yourdomain) domain, this problem seems to be non-existing.

Is anyone else experiencing this? And could someone (webflow team) suggest a solution?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @ykedigital :wave:

Thank you so much for posting about the cookies that you’re noticing, and we’re to help.

Great question!

Yes, the Chrome tab is showing all cookies for all domains for all linked assets on the page, not necessarily what cookies are set by the page/assets themselves. Most of the cookies on that page are cookies that are set for, not the page you are on.

If you load the page in an Incognito window where you aren’t logged in to Webflow, you should see the cookie list does not contain Webflow.

If you look at our Cookie Policy (found here: you will note the following:

Cookies on customer sites:

We do not add any cookies to customer sites. The cookies described in this Policy only apply to Webflow’s own marketing and product pages, not websites that are created with Webflow or published via Webflow Hosting. Customers may make changes to their websites at their own discretion that may cause cookies to be added (for example, enabling Google Analytics, using a Facebook Like button, or adding custom code), but these changes are optional and not made by Webflow.

We’d love to give you all the tasty kind of cookies, but we don’t put the tracking kind on the sites you create or host with Webflow.

Hope this helps! :blush:

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