Cookie-Script Data Layer Issue

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering if someone could help with an issue that we are experiencing in attempting to use versus Finsweet Cookie Consent. Finsweet has not yet released full consent mode updates and we are against a deadline to update the cookie consent.

For we have followed all instructions and have set up Google Tag Manager, installed their template tag, configured the tool, and inserted the Google tag right below the body of the site (just the home page for now). Regardless, the cookie-script cookie consent does not appear. I have asked cookie script for help and got a cryptic message back that there is a issue which is visible in chrome console. I have attached the errors I see in Chrome Console and it does appear that something is blocking the script from appearing but its a bit beyond my capability.

Could anyone please provide some guidence on how we can resolve these issues? We have tried this on multiple sites and have failed each time.

Read only site: Webflow - Washine

Public site:

Screenshot of errors we see:

Thank you for any and all help