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Cookie consent doenst dissapear?

Dear reader,

i want to add a cookie consent bar under on the website, but whenever i try the pixelgeek’s way i fail, i do exactly his way! but it keeps failing. i dont know how to fix it?

the cookie consent bar classname: cookies
the cookie exit button classname: cookiebutton

java script i last used:

Link to the tutorial : Here is how to add cookies to a custom modal

I followed pixelgeek step by step but cant figure it out, if someone can help me i would appriciate it!

kind regards.


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anyone can help me with this?

Hey @Mustafa.D

If you can share what is failing, or how it’s failing, it will help you get a quicker answer :slight_smile:
Is it loading at all? What are you seeing when you publish the site?

If you can share any screenshots, videos and your read only link, we can hopefully work towards getting you a solution.

yea ofcourse!

so it just does not work, whenever i click on the button it does nothing.

I used the code from pixelgeek and changed it to fit my project after that pasted the code into the before tag. like the tutorial said.

i can’t figure out why it doesnt work.


this is the code wich should be correct but it doesnt work.

did i provide enough information? or need more information?

it basicly is a small popup that i want only appearing if a user did not use my site for over 40 days.

Thanks for sharing your link Mustafa.

Are you able to test this on your published site? Custom code will not work as expected in the designer.

yes i tried, but it fails

or is there any other way to achieve the same thing?

Hey, so I made a video which was easier to explain :smiley:

You need this snippet, as you’ll see:

<script src=""></script>

Video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Let me know how you get on! Awesome looking site too!

You are an angle!
i just dont know why i did not add it in, stupid of me!

thank you for your time!

Also thank you for the compliment :smiley:

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