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Cookie consent problem

Hi there,

I want to insert a Cookie Consent banner in my website, i’m facing 2 issue:

  1. When i connect my Facebook pixel to my site and i active: Pixel won’t load without consent. It doesn’t work. When i don’t active it: it works.

  2. When i click on “J’accepte” to allow cookie, and i refresh or go to others pages the cookie Banner appears…

Here is a share-link project:

I followed all the information on this page:

I Paste the following custom code :

Thank you so much !

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Does anyone know ? :pray::tired_face:

Same Here, it seems that nobody hase an answer for that. Webflow has a toggle but it doesn’t work.

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I’m trying to solve issue number 2 as well. Just went through the same tutorial and was really happy with it, hit publish then realised it was appearing every load :tired_face:

Going to have to disable the pixel and hid the popup until I find a fix.

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Just FYI: You need to add the Custom Code to your footer not your header. It won’t initiate otherwise and it’ll pop up again on every reload. @Hopweb @nabeelmousawi @Clement_Dabreteau


ooooohhhhhh I’m trying this right now!! :smiley:

LOL I rushed over to my project settings and realised the custom code was already in the footer :frowning:

Your code looks fine. Did you use the correct class names? consentPopup for the container and consentBtn for the button? Correct Pixel ID and delay=yes? There is not much that could be wrong tbh… Also try it in incognito and with ad block off.

Yeah, this is really bugging me! I followed the webflow tutorial step by step. Used suggested class names. Could it be the “popupWrapper” thats the issue?

I’ve run through facebook’s pixel set up however when I send test traffic it doesn’t register any activity.

Did you find a fix? Running into this problem atm and looking for a way to fix it.