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CMS image slider: draggable, infinite, seamless, fullscreen

Hi webflow-community,

Status quo
I edited my first post. Menawhile I could solve most of my problems I had. I used the Swiper.js and customized the code to my needs. The slider is draggable and infinite - so far so good : ). Thanks to Ezra Siton who helped me a lot with his post seen here:

Current goal and problem
I would love to disable the scaling of the slide / images. Right now the size of the slide depends on the breakpoint i set in the code.

I read that there must be a way to set autoHight: true in combination with overflow: hidden but I couldnt get it working. It is also important that the images dont overlap while adjusting the browser window. So the slider shouldnt be affected at all by the size of the browser window,

Does anybody know a good solution?

Project links
Here is the link to the subpage:

Here is the wordpress project: