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Content not responsive on different device formats


I’m new to Webflow and was following the portfolio tutorial to a “T”, however when the instructor demonstrated how the website was responsive when switching different device types. My project did not, when i dragged the slider it cut off my content. Attached are screenshots from the instructor video and my project. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Jeff_Nevels - welcome to the forum :blush:

Thank you for sharing screen shots. The best way to get help is to share your read only link (if possible) so the community can play with and try to find what are you doing wrong

here is my share link:

Hi @Jeff_Nevels

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

If you won’t get answer by the community I promise to dive into ASAP :slight_smile:

Can you help? I’m also on a windows PC and Webflow teaches their tutorials on the Mac. There are some major differences in the user interface and its preventing me from advancing in the curriculum. For example, I have no idea how to align div blocks on windows due to the different menus. There is no option to “override alignment” on windows and I can’t find the answer watching the flexbox videos. The div block doesn’t respond at all to different layout and alignment commands.

Hi @Jeff_Nevels

See the attach video - your page is responsive on all devices. to find out how to achieve it I’ve created A clone able project wich you can find here

Hope it helps - for further questions don’t hesitate to reach out :slight_smile: