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Content/Layout Section Issues

I’m having a bunch of bug issues that our developer wasn’t able to look at due to our limited budget and his hourly rate. I’m fixing a lot of these myself but I have two main issues I need help with!!

1)We built the Catalyst Page from scratch and have a pretty good CMS system in place. However when you go to a “column”/category page such as “latest”, “popular”, “institute”, “case studies”, etc the articles don’t align correctly. For whatever reason the previews of all the articles dont automatically upload in the three columns to be aligned to the left. Instead there’s weird single articles that will hang out in their own row and then have a full row of three right below it.
What’s wrong here???

  1. Click on one of the article links and look at the structure of the article. This worked before but I have no idea what is broken here. The Content section won’t automatically adjust to the content thats within it. Articles are all different lengths so I can’t set it to a percentage length or anything like that, plus its not compatible with mobile or tablet at all. Any ideas???

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  1. Looks Ok to me… the first article (2 in the screenshot) is a featured article to go with the explanation of the page.
    Number 1 in the screenshot shows you the settings for that single item - filtered by category and “featured”.

There is no link to the article.
What do you want to link from ? The title, the image??
I chose the whole div block that holds the image, title and brief.

Here’s a video