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Break points cascading both up and down


I am having issues with breakpoints. When I make changes on lower breakpoints they are cascading up and I am not certain why. I have seen posts here in the forums about this similar issue but, none of the answers were helpful. I suspect this is an operator error issue but, I am hoping someone here in the forum might be able to be of some assistance. I do sincerely appreciate any help on this.


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Hey @KrisLarson
You didn’t leave a preview link so we can’t see exactly what you mean, that usually helps a bit with troubleshooting, but my best guess would be that your styles aren’t neccesairily cascading up but that you are adding new elements on lower breakpoints and they are appearing higher up. That is expected behaviour, if you add a completely new element on mobile it will show up on desktop as well, just keep that in mind.

Also if you added multiple desktop views, you should start development in the smallest desktop since that one is the default one and after you finish there you need to go one by one to the biggest.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need any more help, cheers!

Thank you @Incognito_Agency I sincerely appreciate your help. All of the elements are the same from the default desktop down to the mobile device but, again for some reason that when I make a change on the mobile (i.e. size of the element) it makes that change all the way up the breakpoints. I was under the impression that when you add elements at the default breakpoint and move your way down that if you make changes at the lower break point to a specific element it only effects that element or lower in the break points. Could it be possible that it has something to do with the Class name? Do I need to change the name of the elements class on a lower breakpoint before making any edits possibly? Let me know at your earliest and I SINCERELY appreciate the help on this. Here is a read only link to my site. Webflow - SOUNDSCREATIVEINC.COM.