Changing mobile break points affected desktop view

As a general concept, I understood that making changes to a mobile format would not affect the desktop format.

There must be some fine print I missed related to this concept.

I was adjusting a table on the mobile format for a blog and after all was done I was surprised to see that I wrecked the desktop view, ugh.

I guess styles cascade down but layout changes cascade up and down? I can’t imagine this would be the case since often you need to simplify in mobile view but my experience was that modifying layout of mobile view, specifically a grid with a combo class, will cascade up to desktop.

Can someone describe the one thousand foot protocol of what changes to mobile will cascade ‘up’ to desktop?


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CSS changes are the only thing that cascade.
Structural changes, like moving elements, adding / removing elements, or changing non-style settings, affect your design at all breakpoints.

However, you can creatively use flex and grid layout styles to make certain aspects of your layout style-based, and therefore breakpoint-specific.

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