Content doesn't shrink

The content within the container isn’t shrinking along when I lower the screen size for responsiveness.

As we can see the image shrinked but the heading didn’t!

Looking for help, any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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In Webflow, you have to change the font sizes in each breakpoint as needed. If you know CSS, you can use the clamp function to resize the header size based on specific terms related to your device’s viewport.

Refer to this article: Linearly Scale font-size with CSS clamp() Based on the Viewport | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks"

Here are some of the things you’ll need to change;

Hi Michael,

First and furmost I would like to thank you for taking time to guide me through a 5 min. Trust me, you da man! And Michael I would like to point out that when I said “Content isn’t shrinking when I am lowering my screen size” I actually meant in the desktop breakpoint itself, as you can see in the screenshot as well, It’s actually in desktop breakpoint.

We can see that the image is shrinking in 1000 px but not the headline. Sorry michael I am kinda bad in explaining some things, but I hope you got what I meant. Thanks again for the help Michael Hope to hear from you soon!

In 1264px

In 1002px

Hey Sanjeewa,

Thanks for the help, I will check the article out!

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Hmm, that part looks pretty ok to me, but here’s how you can adjust it;

Hey Michael, Thank for the help, I appreciate it!

I understood everything what you said, and I will try and do the method that words well! Thanks again and I hope you have an amazing day ahead with your family! and your username is awesome… lol!