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Container size recommendation for webflow while using Figma or other prototyping software

Hello, everyone. My name is Mukul and I need some help regarding what size should I set for the container not just in Webflow but generally for web design. I saw this youtube video of Charlie Marie

where she says to design for webflow she uses a size of 940px in Figma. I was wondering this is easy for conversion but wanted to know your thoughts, how do you go about setting container sizes in your Prototyping software(XD, Figma etc) so you could easily convert to webflow?

I would suggest you look at the most popular CSS frameworks for guidance. Most themes are built on frameworks. Webflow’s CSS is a close fork from Bootstrap for example.

I normally target 1140px on sites that have a large share of desktop traffic. Always depends on the audience and what your goals are. Info is ok wide, conversions are usually better narrow.

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Thanks for the info! Btw can you can give 1 example for each of them (info and conversion) so I could better understand?

General Information / fact sites versus click funnel / PPC pages.

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