Best way to widen the Container Width?

What is best way to make the container wider? 940px looks so narrow with modern devices. Wonder why we don’t have a native way to widen in Webflow?

Regardless, is best way to make a DIV with max-width: 1170px? Is 1170 a good size these days?

Any recommendations?

The container is just a good base for beginners. I agree it could be clearer, maybe some pre-defined sizes when you drag that container in with 940 being the default.

But, yep, exactly as you said. Drag a container in a set a max-width. The most standard is 1140px the bootstrap grid. But rules are meant to be broken, so you can play around with what works for the site you’re building. If you download the Visual Inspector extension for chrome you can click and view what other sites are using. These days people use various sizes.

How can I make the grid container fit the entire width of a mobile display?

Edit the grid on the smaller breakpoint and delete a row.