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Contact form - tracing the URL


I am making a healthcare site. Each doctor has a profile through the Webflow CMS. And each collection-page has a “send me a message” form, so that the visitor can write a message directly to that doctor.

However, when receiving this form I cannot find any reference to what doctor the visitor is writing to.
Is there any way that I can obtain the origin-url (or any other reference) to achieve my goals, using the Webflow CMS system?


I would maybe think about adding a hidden element in the form that the website visitor does not see which pulls in the name of the doctor from the CMS depending on the specific profile page. That way the name would be included in the form submissions that you receive.

Or you could try adding a line to the form that says “Send message to Dr. XXXXX” where the name of the doctor is pulled from the CMS.

Either way I think the best solution would be to try and pull the name of the doctor from the CMS into the form so that it is included when the form is submitted.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I tried this by making the field-label dynamic. However, the field-label is not sent along with the form. I could only change the label-name in the “settings” tab. However this is not an element I can set dynamically… Is there any other way or am I missing something?

Can you drag a collection list linked to the name of a doctor into the form or set any of the text in the form to pull from the CMS?


just as @britishchap said, a hidden element in the form would probably work. Check out this answer in this thread: How to link a Form to a CMS item? - #2 by NorbertWeiss

It would probably work out :slight_smile:

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That was easy - thanks! :slight_smile:

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