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Contact Form problem

Hello community.

I’ve uploaded my Webflow designed
website (for a client) to another hosting company (bluehost).

Everything looks good and links work well except
the simple contact form (email address and
message). I followed what was done in the
webflow University –“portfolio video”

  1. Do I need different information in
    the Forms section of Webflow?

  2. Could there be a naming problem?
    In my webflow account the project name is

the published site files are in the domain at the bluehost server.


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Hello @starcrawler69

Webflow forms don’t work on exported sites. Check here >

You need to use some kind of service to handle the form submissions. Check > Just keep in mind that formspree has a 50 per month submission limit on the free plan

The other way is to do some kind of server side coding to handle the form submissions.

Hope this helps :webflow_heart:

Hello @PiterDimitrov
I need to ask you a question. I was using Webflow form but recently I started Contact Form 7 in one of my site (Kroger Survey). I have noticed that the cPanel Username is visible if I use Contact Form 7. After that, I contacted my Host provider which is Namecheap and they have also confirm that It’s possible that your hosting Cpanel username will be visible in case I will use the plugin.
So, my question is is it same for Webflow forms also or not? because It’s a security thread for my site.

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Hello @mark09

Where you’re seeing your cPanel username? Can’t find it

Piter :webflow_heart:

Hello Piter.

Thank you for your help…

but now I’m stuck with an error from the

published website. After hitting send

a new window opens with an error.

I’m using FormSpree as you suggested.

I’m putting this code in the Forms Setting:

method - POST

I’ve attached screenShots of

were I put Name Attributes

Frustrated with this very simple form. Thanks!