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Webflow Forms - Receive entire Form submission via Email

I ran into a problem with webflow forms.
I thought the text in the form would be sent to an email that i can choose.
Now i realized that i only get a: “Hey someone used your Form” Message.
Is it possible, that i somehow receive the entire form to my email. Without haveing to log into
Webflow to read the submissions?

Would be really great if someone knows a solution.
I tryed to figgure it out myself but i havent found any way …

Anyway have a gread day dear reader :slight_smile:

You’re almost there!

You only need to add data to your email fields (title and body).

Use the variables that Webflow proposes you. The content of the form is {{formData}}

Here’s an example. Pay attention to Webflow’s help on the right side of the panel (this is Site Settings on the Form tab)

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Great response. Glad that you exist.

Sorry for the silly question. Now its really obvious …