Construction Landing Page {Cloneable}

Hey Webflow community,

I’ve put together another free cloneable landing page for the construction industry. This landing page has more of a lead generation approach with some slight animations.

Live Link:

Cloneable Link: Construction Landing Page - Webflow

Let me know what you think.


Hi Jasper,

Nice job. I would’ve added a bit more around the services area as this is a landing page and the Learn More button makes me think there’s another page to land on.

I wish you would’ve made this a month ago.



Definitely, I was thinking about the services pages vefore pushing live. Will probably do it tomorrow, not to fussed about the button text thats really there for example purposes.

Did you make a website a month ago?

I made a landing page for a client in the construction industry. Most Webflow templates hover around tech and portfolio, but in my experience the services/contractor industry is pretty hungry.

Couldn’t agree more. Glad you like it. How did your landing page turn out?

Thanks for sharing. One thing I noticed is white text on yellow background wont pass A, AA, or AAA accessibility color contrast tests. Make text that brown bg color and problem solved.

Thanks @Stu_Smith . Ive been learning more about best acessability this week and figured i would have to change a few things. Thanks for the heads up.