Connecting a CMS card with a CMS pop up information + a slider🥲

what’s popping people, coming to you with a little bit of a difficult one

cannot figure out anything honestly, fried my brain the last 2 days trying everything i know, tried my good friend chatgpt, tried the good people in the discord server

i’ve ran into a big road block

to give some context, i’ll explain how the page should work with screenshots (the read only link will be in a different language, as the screenshots were translated through google translator, sorry if it makes it difficult to understand)

i’ve built a CMSystem that practically is meant to hold different data plans for your phone - there’s around -+10 of them in each category, but as long as i have an idea on how to make one work, i can do the rest, not an issue (screenshot of the cards: Imgur: The magic of the Internet)

there’s a link at the bottom of an each, that should open up a pop up, and within it, on the right side there should be dynamic content that changes depending on what card you clicked on (screenshot of the pop up: Imgur: The magic of the Internet)

what i managed to do thankfully to someone from discord, is to connect the data with the pop up - which was done by putting the whole pop up into the card and connecting the link and the pop up by targeting it with the sibling class

i was so happy that worked, but that created a bigger problem - no sliders / carousels ever work now

i assume it is because the slider thinks each card is a slider, and whenever i open up a pop up, within the sliders slide - it completely breaks (screenshot attached: Imgur: The magic of the Internet)

so it’d be great if anyone could suggest any ways to fix either of these two issues:

  • displaying cms information in the pop up without having the pop up within the card itself = which will fix the slide issue and i’ll be able to add any sliders (i had done this before, but the content wasn’t dynamic)
  • how to create a slider that displays the pop up properly, without breaking it :smiley:

i know it may be too much to ask for and honestly, i wasn’t expecting this project to be this hard - seemed like i could blast through it within a few days, but i’ve been stuck on this part alone for around 4 days

i’m attaching the official projects read-only link here (no slider is set up there, only 3 cards are showing - but are displaying correct information for each without being broken): Webflow - Mobi

and swiper js published testing link with the cards (slider is set up there, broken but is setup lol - only 3 cards are showing - but the pop up is completely broken): Basic slider | Webflow CMS Swiper Sliders