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A client of mine needs me to create a form in webflow for clients to book tickets for a show. We will need the form to connect with their payment processor. The payment processor company said they can give me API codes.

  1. What is an API code?
  2. How do I integrate the API code so the payments will get processed?

Thank you very much.

If you don’t have access to Webflow Logic, you will need zapier or a third party server/serverless functions in order to call their APIs.
API code depends, but probably your client means the secret token that is necessary to call the payment process.
You will probably need a dev to help you or you will struggle a lot in order to make it work on your own

@pietrofalco What do you mean by “Webflow Logic”?
I can’t just enter the API code somewhere and be done?

I am a developer, so I know a bit of code.
Thank you.

No you can’t just insert that somewhere and be done. These things must be done server side, you can’t expose your credentials on the client and probably you will also be blocked by CORS policy.

Check with the payment processor, they may be able to give you a code snippet that includes the form and button, that you can then embed on your WF page.

Hi @S_M :wave: welcome to the forum.

What is their payment processor? If it’s Stripe, your life becomes much easier :smile:

What do you mean by this?

Do you mean the token / password?

Do you mean snippets of example code to integrate their payment processor?

More info please :smiley:

If you are using Stripe, the answer is yes (with a third party service).

If it’s not Stripe, and / or you don’t want to use a 3rd party service, you’ll need to do some custom development work.

Thank you all.
I’m going to speak to the payment processor to get more info.
For my future reference @ChrisDrit, how would I easily connect a stripe account to a form in Webflow?
Thank you.

I wouldn’t say you’d be connecting a Stripe account to a Webflow form. But you’d be connecting Stripe to your Webflow site in a few different ways.

A couple of options…


  • Use your own Stripe account.
  • Setup a Stripe payment link / page (it’s their no code fully hosted payment page).
  • Add a Webhook to a successful payment on Stripes end to populate your Webflow CMS or send a Webflow Membership invitation.


  • Use Memberstack.
  • They are already integrated with Stripe and you can use your own account.

Hope that helps!

Hi @S_M.
Josh with Foxy here. What gateway/processor are you wanting to connect to? There’s a good chance we integrate with them. You might look into our seamless Webflow integration:

  • Sell any type of product (tickets, one-off, subscriptions, donations, digital, services, memberships, etc.)
  • Manage products with Webflow CMS and auto update available tickets after each sale (downgrade and save $$$)
  • Connect to 100+ gateways and payment methods
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Embed a customer portal to allow customers to manage their subscriptions/memberships, view order history, update billing, and more (all inside of your Webflow site)
  • Sell and accept gift cards
  • Custom shipping functionality, logic, and integrations
  • Custom tax functionality, logic, and integrations
  • Powerful coupon and discount functionality
  • and more!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started:


Thank you @foxy !
They may be using, which I see is an option for your integration.
How does your integration work?
How would I set it up?

Thank you very much!

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Hi @S_M.
Happy to help. Yes. We integrate with Authorize.Net. To get started, you’ll need to create your free account at

For most use cases, you’ll follow this tutorial:

You can connect to your Authorize.Net account from your Foxy Payment Settings page. For the quickest support, please email us if you run into any issues or have follow up questions:


Thank you very much.
In the end we are going with a different payment processor, and I’m going to place the form into an Iframe.
Thank you all for your help!