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Payment integration - PayU via Webflow form


I am not sure if what I wrote makes any sense, but I would be very grateful to get some help with it. I apologize for my grammar but it’s not my native language.

I have a question about integration with online payment system called PayU. I would like to integrate it via webflow form. I’m not a developer (I know basic Html&Css) so it’s a challenge for me (And I am not sure If it’s possible). The form is simple. User should only input name, last name and email, choose amount of tickets and press a button “Pay”. I tried to figure this out by myself. I based my thinking on this documentation:

Here is what I think:

Step 1

In the form settings I have to change following things:

  1. method to "post"
  2. action set to

Step 2

I have to create hidden input fields. I found this tutorial: How to Add Hidden Form Fields to Forms

Form should let the user input following data: name, last name, email and change quantity of the tickets. I have no clue how to do this. Only Idea which crossed my mind is to make a standard inputs and set custom attributes like this:

quantity of tickets field - name=“products[0].quantity”
name field - name=“firstName”
last name field - name=“lastName”
last name field - email=“lastName”

Step 3

Last thing to do is to change button text.

I will be very grateful for explaining it to me. Thank you in advance.

Hi @Stachu_Kunz.
Josh from Foxy here. We don’t integrate with PayU yet, but it’s on our roadmap. Until then, you can connect to nearly 100 payment gateways and alternate payment methods:

Setting up a payment form in Webflow takes literally a couple of minutes and no programming skills are required:

Please let us know if we can help with anything.