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Connect main Webflow account to forums

I just started using Webflow, and so far it looks great! I have a simple suggestion to improve your site. I recently opened an account on the main Webflow page, and when I came here to the forums I was confused for a minute because I couldn’t log in. Then I realized the forums login and my main Webflow account are not connected.

A great UX improvement would be to have the forums account automatically linked to the main account. Sure, there’s some additional information you’d have to enter, such as a unique username, which could have a simple prompt the first time you access the forums. Then users would be ready to go!

Having the main account and forums account linked would also make it easy for reference links to the pages you build using Webflow. This would be useful for troubleshooting certain pages or issues.

Thank you for the great work so far, on the Webflow tool and in the forums. I’ve read few a through topics on the forums and can tell your team is very supportive. Keep up the good work!


Hi @JPostDesign we don’t know if Discourse (the forum service that we’re using) supports this, but we’re gonna look into it. Thanks for your suggestion!