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Dashboard and Forums logins tied together

I am hoping that at some point, the logins will get synced. While I understand how they are different, I would like to see a solution that puts them to be the same. Just a convenience thing.

I made mine identical, can’t you?

FYI the forum isn’t a program made by Webflow. It’s a software. Plugins are possible and custom development too, but to ensure a continuous compatibilty, it may be tricky to hack down to the user login. You can see new features on the forum all the time, because that compatibility is respected. (in other words I don’t know about this but I hardly see that request be fullfilled anytime soon)

Making them identical is NOT the same as having them being the same.

The point being is that I would like just ONE login and not two. I use a password manager so it’s not a huge issue, just a very mild irritation that I even need two logins for ‘one company’. As I said, I understand how and why they are different but without requests, it would never be looked at at all.

Isn’t that the point of the wishlist? The more requests for a feature, then there’ll be more chances of it being looked into?

Wishlist is for the actual Designer features. What you are asking for is Meta, relating to how this forum is run. Anyway the chances of this happening is low as there are way higher priorities and product development timeline, which forum improvement isn’t one of them as it’s a third-party software.

As mentioned, I am aware of this. Still, without it being voiced, it will never, ever happen. Meta or not, it’s just a convenience thing and something I felt worth mentioning.

I do agree with you, it would be nice to have, but there are other way more urgent things on the wishlist like APIs, native e-commerce, etc.

Plus, joining accounts now would be (almost?) impossible, as there is no way to tie an account to an existing forum user.

How is it that you keep missing the part where I say “I am aware of this…I understand how/why”? I’ve only ever said this is a ‘mild irritation’ and am keenly aware there would be higher priority items but I also know that if there was a sudden and huge outcry for a synchronized login, the Webflow guys would look into a solution because the rule of business is to cater to customers. I have never implied that my lowly, single post about this would ever be a priority but if it’s never said, it’ll never, ever be considered.

I agree it’s not a priority but it should be taken into consideration. I didn’t even know what the forum was until the Webflow team told me to ask the forum for all my questions (because I was a beginner and literally spamming them with questions). This was one year after I had started Webflow [that I got an account]. If they link the passwords maybe new people will more easily see that they have the forum to help them increasing the satisfaction of the users. Just a though. :wink:

I’m curious… I’ve had other forum members listed as “Webflow Experts” share information like this (that is, about what Webflow’s future plans and priorities are). Do you have special access to this information? Are you speaking on behalf of Webflow?

Just wondering… sometimes, because of the way support is provided here on the forum, it’s not always clear…

Thanks for the info! :grinning:

@tkister They have their advantages, there is an article somewhere in your settings that leads to a link where it discusses the different advantages different status on Forum means and what it allows you to know or do. :wink:

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