Connect collection item to template page

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I built a collection list. Blog posts pretty much. I have a list of all of them here and the content is saved in collections. How can I link them to the content? Or do I need to create an individual page for each blog post?

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hi @WellRadiant and welcome to forum. Please visit Webflow university to get basic understanding how to work with this platform. You can also read this article as this is part of it.

thank you I did read it and tried… I need help, thank you

Hi @WellRadiant what part of connection to template page ( Linking to Collection pages ) you do not understand. Here is a link to exact part and important is for you point 6 but I will recommend to read and follow instruction step by step.

thank you so I have to create one page per blog post?

Hi @WellRadiant no, you need to create template for blog post. Please take a course on WFU to know how to work with this platform.

thank you, it doesn’t let me connect to the post body itself. Just the summary and dates. How can I fix?

add rich rext and connect with post body

Hi @WellRadiant I see that you still can’t figure out how to connect content to template page. So here is short video that will help you understand how to

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thank you so much for your help!!! that was really useful. One more thing. My layout for the collection is in rows of 3. But seems like its not working because there is only one element in the second row. How can I fix?

Thank you again!!

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 10.43.55 PM|538x500

hi @WellRadiant your additional question is not related to original topic please keep forum tidy to have discussion only about request. As this is common issue for beginners (using columns) you can find requests with solutions about this issue on this forum. Please invest some of your time to search this forum before you place new request.

Anyway, this is standard behaviour of columns. We have used columns as helper for web design in era without Flex and Grid (long time ago). I understand you are using columns this way when you see this in WF tutorials. This is not best practice as columns are and should be mainly use to split text into columns as you see it in newspaper. If you want to use them you will need to know what are you doing and what are columns limits. Better solution to achieve your design is to use above mentioned technologies (CSS Grid and/or Flex).

Thank you so much for your help. I tried with the grid and flex and didn’t work. Are there any other alternatives or how can I approach this? Thank you for your help! Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 12.43.08 PM|690x307

hi @WellRadiant sorry to hear that CSS Grid didn’t work for you. I presume that is due lack of knowledge, that’s fine as we all have been on beginning once. So the best way is to take online course on HTML and CSS (you can find nice one on YT). Once you will get basic understanding how things works come back to WF and use this knowledge to make it work. :wink:

This may sound disheartening, but it’s true. WF is nearly unabstracted when it comes to the underlying principals to web development. To truly unlock it’s power you need a good understanding of html, css and probably a good bit of js.
This makes the learning curve for beginners hard, but enables it to be such a great tool in the first place!

Thank you, do you suggest displaying my collection in another way? I hope there is an alternative

I appreciate your help!

hi @WellRadiant just use CSS Grid or Flex once you have knowledge how to use it.

As your additional question is not related to original topic “Connect collection item to template page” you have got answer already feel free to close your request as solved.

If you have questions about something else please use forum search input field to find solutions before posting a new request.

Hi @WellRadiant feel free to close your request as solved.

thank you, I have one more question. Can I transfer one collection item (in this case blog post) to another collection? I have 3 different sections or categories on my blog

hi @WellRadiant your additional request is not related to your topic Connect collection item to template page

Please keep forum tidy so other users can find answers when looking for solved issues and create a new request if you do not find answer here on forum. If you have been able connect collection to template page please close your issue as solved.

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