Connect a Webflow form to Mailerlite

Hey all,

I’m at my wits’ end!

I want to have a form on my Webflow site that allows people to subscribe to an email newsletter published through Mailerlite. It felt like a simple task but I can’t figure out how to do it. Tried using Integromate/Make briefly, but I don’t understand it enough to make use of it.

Mailerlite’s supplied ‘embedded forms’ look very out of place on the site.

Help would be so appreciated. Thanks

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Building that for a client now actually.
Here’s a solution I’ve built as well using Logic, sounds like what you need.

Hi there,

Skip the embedded forms, this is Webflow :smile:

Instead, use a native Webflow form and send the submission into Make (Integromat):

Then add a MailerLite module:

When you submit the Webflow form, whatever the user added will show up here. Basically, ask them for an email address and it’ll be here for you.

Create a new subscriber:

I don’t use MailerLite but I’m assuming this will work for you.

And then the secret magic is to add this as the last module:

You can redirect the browser anywhere you want after the form submission.

Or if you want to make it fancy, there is some Javascript you can copy / paste in my screencast walking throug this setup (minus MailerLite):

Hope that helps!

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@memetican Hello Michael, amazing to hear from you!

Thanks so much for sharing that. I’ve just signed up for the Logic beta, so once it’s enabled I can try that out.

@ChrisDrit Thank you so much for running through that for me. I’ve just tried following those steps and have hit a problem:

I have the first module set to Webflow > Watch Events > Trigger Type: Form Submission, but in the MailerLite module I don’t have the option to link the email field with the Webflow form email field. Any idea why this might be happening? Seems like it’s not recognising my Webflow form? Maybe I’ve missed a few steps!

Again, thanks for your time!

Ah, the trick here is that after you setup the Webflow module, you need to submit a test form to it.

Then it knows what fields you’re sending and every module afterwards should have that available to it.

This is a common pattern required with all the glue services (Make, Zapier, Logic, etc…).

Here’s what that looks like:

Tap the run once button:

After publishing, submit your form with some test info:

Back to Make (Integromat):

You can see the form submission made it:

I no longer have a MailerLite account, but shouldn’t matter, here I’ve added a test Airtable module just to show you the form submission showing up:

BTW, you’ll want to skip using Webflow Logic at the moment, it’s in Beta and being new to all of this you’ll bump into a lot of blocking issues. Make the switch from Make once it’s ready for prime time :+1:


Many many thanks! That did the trick, and now it’s working! I’m so pleased to be able to use the Webflow form for this.

To tack on to this, actually - how do I make multiple forms on the site perform the same thing? I’d like there to be sign up forms on a couple different pages. Just tried making a new scenario following the same steps (which works) but when I test it, it breaks the original scenario, turning it off.

Glad it worked for you :smile:

This should be the way it functions. That Make module should collect ALL form submissions from the site.

So if you have 2 (or more) forms, on 2 different pages, they should hit that same Make scenario. No need to create a second Make scenario.

Ah! I think the problem was that the forms and their fields on my site had different names. I’ve fixed that and now everything seems to be working!

You’re a life saver. Thank you.

Hi All,

Thank you for all the information you shared. I have a similar issue. I have to send subscriptions from a Webflow form to MailerLite, but I have a New MailerLite account, not Classic.

It seems like there is no integration for New MailerLite out there yet, and Make seems to work only with Classic.

Would you know any simple (and free) way to connect both?

Thank you!

All the best,


Have you checked out a free Zapier account? I don’t know if they do, but worth looking if you haven’t.

Dear ChrisDrit,

yes I did, but I’ve outgrown it already. In the meantime I signed up to Logic beta, looks like it might be a solution.

Thanks for your reply!

@Olympiada Webflow Logic is a great choice, but it’s still in beta and until it’s released it’ll be hard to rely on. You’ll have to take the same approach to solve this in Logic that you would in Make (Integromat).

My suggestion is to use Make (Integromat) for now and then when Logic is ready, move it over.

To get this going in Make (just like you would in Logic) use the “HTTP” module to directly connect to their API.

That’s how you’ll have to solve this problem, and how you call that API will work in both Make & Logic (when you’re ready to migrate it over).

Hey @Olympiada, I didn’t see your comments until now! I’m using MailerLite as well, not Classic. It does work with the MailerLite Classic nodes on Make, thankfully. Took a few tries to set up though. Let me know if you’re still needing a solution and I could try to show you how I do it.