Disable shipping address when an advanced digital download product is added to the cart?

I have an ‘advanced’ Ecommerce product type set up, with two ‘Variants’.

The first variant is a ‘digital download’ which doesn’t require shipping
The second variant is a ‘physical cd’ which does require shipping

If I just put the ‘digital download’ into the cart and checkout, the Shipping Address is still required. I would like it so that just the Billing Address is required (like it does when you just add a product type that is ‘Digital’ only.

Is this a bug, or just something that has been overlooked? I realise it’s probably doing this because I’ve selected yes to ‘requires shipping’, because the physical CD does.

I’ve tried conditional show/hide on the shipping blocks but the order won’t process. I don’t want to have to create two products as that will be a poor user experience.

(as a side note, I also noticed that you can’t select ‘no’ for ‘include download’ on a physical product variant if the default variant is a digital variant, which may be a bug, too?)

Any suggestions/help or workarounds would be much appreciated!

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Was this ever solved for you? I’m currently having the same problem so would love to know if you managed to figure out a workaround?

@t_charm unfortunately it wasn’t solved with Webflow e-commerce, but I solved it by using Snipcart + Webflow instead (you can see it in action here: Music | Jeffree Music)

Awesome thanks for this. Going to have a look at this now :slight_smile: