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Confusion HTTP? or HTTPS?

Mysite is showing up as HTTPS on google search. In my google search console it is showing 4 different sites:
HTTP: //
HTTP: //
They are showing different performance. Im so confused. What if anything should I do?

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You should pick one conanical sub domain (www. / non-www.) and focus all your inbound links to that.

Depending on your hosting setup, you should redirect as follows

  1. www. TO non-www


  1. non-www. TO www.

Then focus on your Search Console for that subdomain.

If you are using WEBFLOW HOSTING, then refer to the screenshot below:

If you need help deciding which subdomain to canonicalize, I mught suggest see which one has the most inbound organic traffic and go with that one.

Please refer to the following resourses: