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Confused about how interactions works

hello. how slhoud i configure a toogle sidebar?
i am trying to create a sidebar like on this site
(resize the browser to see responsive effect)

my main doubt is:

when i create a class for one element, there is the option to add a interaction to it.

there is initial appearance and triggers…these triggers are for activate the initial apperance? or to modify re-existing appearance? it is not clear for me…

and also: how to delete an element after the page is already published? sometimes i want to delete something and there is only the delete entire site option…

Hi @elenderg, thanks for your questions. A good place to start, is to watch our interactions tutorials:

Check those out and if you still have questions, please let us know here in the forum, and we can try to help you. You could try to create the interaction yourself, and then if you have issues, you could post here, for someone to check out your page, and get some advice or help.

Regarding deleting an element, you can login to Webflow, open the site from your dashboard that you want to delete something from, and then delete the element from the designer view. If you have problems with this, if you can let us know your site, we can take a look to see what might be the issue. Cheers !