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Get in touch button on RHS

Hi all,
I’m new to Webflow (considering using it as an agency to develop sites for customers).
I’m looking for a way to have a button on the right hand side of the screen, which when clicked, will slide in a small contact form.

Is this possible, and how would I do it in Webflow? I’d also like the button rotated 90 degrees.

super easy! You’d have to build the form as you want it to look, hide it, use a click trigger (under interactions) on the button to show the form when clicked, done.
Take a look at the different courses on There’s bound to be a tutorial on there that could show you step-by-step.

I’m going to sound really stupid now, but here goes…
I can create the form, but how do I hide it and how do I make it fit say 30% of the page?
How can I show the form when I click on the button (and how easy is it to rotate the button)?


Not at all, this should give you a good starting point It even has a rotating element. Sure, it’s a nav bar but swapping out the nav links etc for a form does the trick

OK, been playing around for a while and it’s driving me nuts.
How do I get the button to slide in the form I’ve created? Can I resize the forms?
This would be great for me to include in my customers websites.

Hhm, not sure what you mean? You want the button to move? Or move the form?

The form sorry please

No problem! Have you had a look at the video? You could also check out the ‘interactions’ section . Or this specific one
It’s kinda hard to explain in writing, sorry.

I’ve just found this, and it seems to do what I want.
If I export the site, will these animations export aswell?

cool, glad you found info that works for you. I’m not sure about exporting. Haven’t done that yet. Maybe someone else could chime in on that?