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Confused about exported JavaScript file

I started using webflow with the intention of creating isolated elements for use on a different CMS (expression engine), as that CMS is extremely difficult to use as a test and development platform.

Today I completed my first element, a reasonably simple website navigation that turns into a pretty cool hamburger menu at smaller sizes. However, when I went to export the site, with the intention of integrating it into my existing site I was horrified. The JS file is unformatted and completely unreadable. Not only that, but the ID tags tying the HTML elements to the JS file are not semantic, and make it very difficult for me to understand what is going on.

All I can think to do is perform a wholesale copy and paste of the HTML, CSS, and JS files into expression engine and hope everything works out.

Any advice on making the JS file more semantic, or exporting webflow files for use on another CMS would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

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Replying late to your post but wondering if you ever got this to work. I do rapid prototyping for a number of developers who integrate with Expression Engine, Drupal, Wordpress, or custom-built CMS. They’re all very successful with the HTML and CSS pieces and marginally successful with js. But the biggest complaint I get is that the js is not discernible. (I’m always careful to export the js without minification)

I’ll create some really cool, and simple things but they have to review visually and attempt to rebuild and it never has the nuanced details I include.

I have noticed that there is less of an issue with the older 1.0 interactions vs. the 2.0. 2.0 way cool but the complexity must be more difficult to make semantic on the Webflow side. I try to avoid 2.0 unless I’m trying to illustrate some complex idea to be rebuilt. Just sad that the code has to be thrown away.