Exported js is very large...seems very bloated

I am looking to work with webflow, then export for use in our Laravel projects…turn the html pages into blade templates. As a very early test, I am looking at a very simple two page template with very little interactivity. This is the template I am referring to:

When I press ‘Export’, the js exported is crazy large. There are no line numbers, but I suspect well over 1000 lines. Is this normal?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Test Export)
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It includes the underscores library as well as all the built in component code, plus IX2. So yep it has some weight. I protoype mostly on Webflow these days and when building projects on other tools I leverage TailwindCSS and GSAP for animaitons if needed. Better performant sites is the result.