Conflict with page load animations and while scrolling in view animation

Hi there,

I have a while scolling in view animation at the second section of the starting page. I have also a page load animation. But there seems to be a conflict.

If I delete the page load animations the while scrolling in view animation works as expected.

But if not, there is a glitch at the beginning and the while scrolling in view animation is playing reverse at the first scrolling. After the first scrolling the animation works also fine.

So what I have to do, excepted to delete the page load animations. I want to keep them.

Many thanks for your help! I am very confused… :woozy_face::upside_down_face:

Here is my public share link: Webflow -

Here ist the preview link:

Can someone help? Monday is meeting with the client. :see_no_evil:

Hi @MHGRAFIKDESIGN :wave: For your case, I would create 2 custom interactions:

#1 For “When Page Starts Loading”: showing green overlay with logo;
#2 For “When Page Finishes Loading”: a complex animation where at the first steps be play “hide preloader” animation (like as your current transition-intro) + overlay opacity to 0 and after, set for .transition-wrapper element display: none > next steps is play hero elements appears animation (custom, not as current where you used default Webflow animations like as “Scroll into view - Slide in from Right

I hope I explained the process clearly, but if not, feel free to ask a question)

Hi @bro-design ! Many thanks for yor reply! :+1::sweat_smile:

For the first step I removed the preset animations and set the intro animation to “When page finishes loading”. I can add the intro custom animation later.

So the glitch is gone. But the scrolling animation still play reverse the first time.

So what I have to do else?

I tried to explain in my broken English here😁

Hi @bro-design ! Many thanks for your video! Awesome! :+1::+1: But I guess there is a misunderstanding.

There is no problem with the intro animation. It is working fine.

The problem is the while scrolling into view animation, which is set the the second section. The blue graphic element should move to the right, and the image should scale up if you scroll down. First time the animation is playing reverse. After that the animation is playing correctly. And this is the problem.