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Page load animation clash with scroll into view on intro section

Hey friends,

running into an issue here. I have a load animation (you will have to go into the interaction itself to be able to see the full intro) for the hero section, the ‘door’ component should start closed and open on the load animation and my vision is that the scroll animation takes the end state of that animation and then terminates the door movement on scroll, however, what is happening is that the animation is overridden by the scroll into view parameters, therefore, the door animation never actually happens. I have experimented with offset, different initial stages, different transform methods, a previews frame with the needed state on the scroll into view settings and none of these seemed to work. my last resource would be to duplicate the section and disappear the one with the animation so each section has an individual interaction, I worry this is bad practice and bad for SEO

Is there a way to hack this conundrum?

Many many thanks for your help dear friends!

Here is my public share link: