Some challenges with "While scrolling in view" animation

Hello everyone,

I’m currently facing challenges with creating my “While scrolling in view” animations in Webflow. Although I’m new to Webflow, I have extensive experience in the web design and web development field.

I’ve noticed that on the initial load, the animations don’t seem to work, possibly because the image hasn’t loaded or been cached, resulting in a blank display. Additionally, while the animation appears fine on my screen, a friend of mine experiences a horizontal scrollbar, despite applying the “overflow: none” styling.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Live demo: Live demo
Here is my public share link: read only link


For the image not loading on page load, try changing it’s load settings to Eager instead of Lazy in the Image Settings.

If you change your Navbar width to 100% instead of 100vw it should fix the overflow issue.

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