Conditional Visibility based on Geolocation

Hi all, has anyone tried to show/hide a div based on the visitor’s location?

For example, to show div A if the person is in country A, and show div B if the person is in any other country?

I found a few code samples online but as always, it’s best to ask the WF community and see if anyone is familiar with something that worksin WF.


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HI @Yaco,

You can go to to see how you can pull user location info, but to change the behavior of a DIV container you need to use JS.

See this for reference:

Let me know if you need any help!

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Thank you @Carlos_Ruiz_Del_Vizo ! This looks very helpful.

Do you , or anyone looing in, think this is possible using webflow?

@webdev @PixelGeek , you guys are often in the know.

I’m not very familiar with coding JS, but I found an example on hiding a div based on location here: javascript - How to show or hide element based on Geo ip - Stack Overflow

Thanks all

@Yaco, this requires a little bit of more work from a person who knows JS. You can send the project and let me see what you are trying to do for a more accurate response.

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Hi @Yaco –– I’m investigating the same thing. Curious, did you find a good solution or were you able to integrate JS to do this? Would be curious to hear about your experience.

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I keep gettin CORS errors when I try to call external geolocation apis. Anyone figure out any work arounds? I have tried 3 different GEO IP apis and they all are blocked by CORS

I do too, is there are workaround here?