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Change Content based on visitor location

Hello guys,
I would like to change the highlighted location on my website based on the location of the visitor.

I know that I need custom JS for that but I was wondering if anyone here already did something similar or knows an easy solution?

Thanks in advance

Here is my public share link:

Hi there!

If you want to display content based on your visitor location dynamically, you may potentially use Geo Targetly, specifically, its Geo Content tool. You can set location segments for individual markets. Each location segment can be set with associated content using built-in HTML editor. It’s easy to use, and supports Webflow platform.

When visitor clicks your site, he can only see the location-specific content according to his location.

Hope it helps.

This looks like a great platform. I assume you are one their team Micheal?

Is this minimum distance radius of 50 clicks reliable?