Conditional Titles in CMS


I am trying to find a way to make titles of a dynamic list section’s appearing when there are items in the list and disappear the title when there are no elements in the list.

For example;

writing Videos as a title is a dynamic list of Video’s for related user has some items to show. and appear blank when the dynamic list is in empty state.

any ideas?

We’re working on some conditional logic for items inside of dynamic lists but not outside since it has no dynamic context. Will this video title be on the outside? Also providing some screenshot examples will help.


Yes, for example here my books to share are listed as items in a dynamic list. And I have a title as “Paylastigi Kitaplar” meaning shared books. So for some users who doesn’t have any connected books to share I don’t want the title to appear and then writing sorry, no books to share. instead making that part invisible.

Current workaround I am using is stylising the empty state of the Dynamic List in a way to move up and cover the title area with the background fill. with a higher z index value.

It is fine for now for me to manually add this workaround but just wondered if there is anything else to make the flow easier.


Hmm. For the sake of making it clear what there is “nothing” of, it would make sense to keep the title there in my opinion. So not sure it’s worth going through the trouble of doing this.

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