Conditional Title Display Implementation?


I have a CMS collection with various text items, not all of the CMS items contain all of the text items, for example some may have an interior designer listed, while some items may not. The problem I am facing is I don’t know how to implement a static title/descriptor that will hide when the associated text item is missing.

For example, lets say I have two items, Building-1, and Building-2:

Client: John Doe
Architect: Design XYZ
Interior Designer: Jane Doe

Client: Jake Doe
Architect: Design ABC
Interior Designer:

In the case of Building-2, how would you hide the static title ‘Interior Designer’?

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Welcome @avmil :wave:

The easiest, and cheapest hack is to include that static title in your CMS. Instead of storing Jane Doe store Interior Designer: Jane Doe.

But that probably doesn’t work in most cases :smile:

Another approach with some custom code is outlined here:

Yet another approach would be to take advantage of this fancy new feature:

Customize page styling based on a field value, using custom CSS. For example, different categories of your blog can look different by binding a Category field to an attribute, then using an attribute selector in your CSS like div[data-category]. #IYKYK

This last approach is super flexible in a lot of different ways :smile:

Thank you! This was perfect i was able to get it working!

Nice, which approached worked for you?

I made use of the ‘Conditional Visibility’ option:
Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 11.44.35 AM