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Conditional filtering in collection list based on what dynamic content is showing. In more sensible words, "smart related articles"

Hey everyone, new to Webflow and loving it so far.

Wondering if it’s possible to create a CMS Collection Page with a CMS Collection List in it that uses conditional filtering to show article references specific to that dynamically generated page.

For example, I am creating a website where there is a “Trip” collection page (let’s say there’s two CMS entries for these trips, Vegas and San Francisco) that pulls into the custom fields throughout the body of the page from each CMS entry. Then, in a section on the page, I want to show related articles.

When publishing an article, my editor would select for it the Vegas trip, or the San Francisco trip, as a reference in the article CMS entry, because that article is about that specific trip.

So the Trip collection page displays the dynamic Vegas content (header, “Come to vegas!”) and it then would pull in the articles that are set with that Trip collection reference to the Vegas trip (Article: “What are your odds when playing Blackjack?”). And when it displays the San Francisco content, it would pull in the San Francisco articles (“Step-by-step instructions for jumping onto a moving street car”).

Right now the way that I see it working is that when Trip collection page displays the San Francisco content, it shows the articles from the Vegas trip connection, because the only way that I see Webflow giving me a choice to change conditional filtering for my article collection list, on the Collection Page, is to specifically point the article collection list to one trip or another, not conditionally choosing which articles to display based on which page is showing.

I could have the editor go into the Trip and multi-reference the new article, but it seems like an extra step.

What would be smarter in my case is if the Trip page would automatically display the related content because the editor chose that specific trip when publishing the article.

Am I just doing this wrong? Do I have to live with the extra step? :slight_smile:

I don’t have a public link, but I could send one if necessary. I think maybe this is a basic feature or logic I just don’t know how to search for.

Thank you so much,