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Conditional Dynamic List item Display Sizes?


I would like to know how I can use the dynamic items options, but not have exactly the same size image in every list item.

Ideally i would like to make 1 (the first or top item box) 50% width, and then other item boxes following, 25% as example.

1 Feature car, 50% width, then the other cars 25%
continue on…
Another feature car 50% width, others 25%
until there is another feature…etc…etc…

Is there any way to force CSS dynamically?
can someone help or point out any tutorials on this…
I’ve seen a couple but they don’t seem to be what i’m looking for…

Thanks in advance!

Hi @klubjunk,

It’s worth your time using Flexbox to achieve this –

Hope it helps.


Not sure how i missed this, thank you!

Actually it doens’t cover anything regarding the “dynamic” part of my requirements.
Any ideas there??

Try nth-child selectors

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